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Merchant Cash Advance

At Tulip Funding, we offer a unique service designed to help merchants in New York access fast cash loans for their business needs. Our Merchant Cash Advance program provides a flexible and convenient financing solution that helps you get funds quickly and easily when you need them the most.

Our Merchant Cash Advance program is designed to help businesses of all sizes access the funds they need to grow and succeed. Our program is different from traditional loans in that we provide cash advances in exchange for a percentage of your future credit and debit card sales. This means that you can access the cash you need even if you have bad credit or limited collateral.

Thanks to our fast and easy application process, this program can help you get the funds you need in as little as 24 hours. You can use the money to pay for inventory, equipment, marketing campaigns, or any other business need that requires immediate cash.

Since the cash advance is repaid through a percentage of your future credit and debit card sales, you'll never have to worry about making fixed monthly payments or defaulting on your loan.

Don't let a lack of cash hold your business back. Contact Tulip Funding today to learn more about our Merchant Cash Advance program and take the first step towards securing the financing you need to succeed.

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